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Working on implementation of European directive

The DEPF is working hard behind the scenes to comply with the European directive IORP II. In this article we explain what the directive entails and what the practical impact will be for you as [...]

Careful search for asset manager

The DEPF has invested assets of close to € 350 million. This money must be invested for the participants in such a way that the pensions can be paid now and in the future and [...]

Pension to be attained in three scenarios

On your annual pension statement (UPO or pensioenfiche) and on the websites (The Netherlands) and (Belgium) you can see how much pension you have accrued. You also see how much pension you are [...]

Pension and disability

The pension schemes of the DEPF offer a retirement pension, a partner’s pension and an orphan’s pension. But what happens to your pension if you become disabled for work? The rules for this are quite [...]

New contact data for administrator Dutch DEPF sections

RiskCo, the administrator of the Dutch sections of the DEPF, has moved from Eindhoven to Utrecht. This means that the participants of DuPont Netherlands and Genencor Netherlands have to ring a new telephone number if [...]