Employee representation

Pension Committee

The contact between the Board of Directors of DEPF and the participants of the Genencor Netherlands section is routed via the Genencor Netherlands Pension Committee. For each section within DEPF, the member employers appointed a pension committee. The Pension Committee consists of representatives of the employer, the participants and the pensioners. The Pension Committee supervises adequate administration of the relevant pension scheme by DEPF and coordinates communication to the participants and pensioners of the section. Additionally, the Pension Committee has an advisory role towards the Board of DEPF. The pension committees of the DuPont Netherlands and Genencor Netherlands sections will act in consultation as much as possible to defend your interests.

The Pension Committee consists of three members: one representing the employer and two representing the participants and the pensioners. The employer’s representative is appointed by the company involved. The representatives of the participants and pensioners are appointed by the Works Council of Genencor International B.V.

The following persons are the current representatives of the Genencor Netherlands section in the Pension Committee:

Harm Messchendorp, Participants and Pensioners Representative
Christiaan Veltink, Employer Representative
Frits Goedegebuur, Participants and Pensioners Representative

Trade unions and Works Councils

Employee participation relating to pensions is traditionally assured in the Netherlands via the trade unions and the Works Councils. This is also the case for the pension schemes of DuPont in the Netherlands.

The unions are involved in setting out the content of the pension schemes and their position is set out in a Collective Pension Agreement (CPA). This Agreement is unique in the Netherlands and contains key agreements on your pension. The CPA for Genencor International B.V. is signed by representatives of FNV and CNV (Dutch trade unions) and the employer. The agreements made on contributions, indexation and supplementary deposit obligations are set out in the pension plan rules.

The Works Council is also involved in the pension scheme. The position of the Works Council is set out in a covenant signed by both the employer and the Works Council. This ensures the Works Council remains involved if the employer intends to change the pension scheme or switch to a different pension administrator in the future.