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You participate in the closed career average pension scheme of the Genencor Netherlands section if you joined Genencor International B.V. before 1 June 2015.

This page sets out the key elements of your pension scheme. You will also find details of where to ask questions about your pension scheme and how to submit changes to your personal information and situation to DEPF. Finally, we present the pension committee of the Genencor Netherlands section to you. The pension committee supervises the administration of the pension scheme and maintains contact with the Board of Directors of DEPF.

Did you join Genencor International B.V. on or after 1 June 2015? Then you do not accrue any pension with DEPF. Instead, you participate in the defined contribution scheme administered by ABN AMRO Pensioenen.

Your pension plan is summarised in the Pension 1-2-3.

The Pension 1-2-3 consists of 3 layers. Layer 1 summarises the pension scheme. Layer 2 contains more information on all the topics in layer 1. Finally, layer 3 contains the underlying documents, such as the pension rules. You can download Layer 1 of your Pension 1-2-3 here.

Pension accrual in the Netherlands

The pension you accrue in the pension scheme of the Genencor Netherlands section is a supplement to the AOW state pension you will receive from the government. Pension is the income you will receive if you stop working upon reaching retirement age. The Dutch pension system is based on three pillars. More information

Funding ratio

The Board of Directors bases its decisions on issues such as indexation or the amount of the pension contribution on the funding ratio. The funding ratio is a key indicator of the financial position of each section. More information

Terminating employment

If you were employed by Genencor International B.V. before 1 June 2015, and you have left the company after 1 January 2015, then it is highly probable that pension entitlements or rights are available for you with DEPF as a deferred member (sleeper) or pension beneficiary. You may also have pension entitlements or rights with DEPF if your partner or ex-partner was employed by Genencor International B.V. on 1 January 2015 or joined the company before 1 June 2015. More information

Employee representation

Employee participation relating to pensions is traditionally assured in the Netherlands via the trade unions and the Works Councils. This is also the case for the pension schemes of DuPont in the Netherlands.

The contact between DEPF and the participants of the Genencor Netherlands section is routed via the Genencor Netherlands Pension Committee. More information


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