Financial position

Funding ratio

DEPF calculates a funding ratio for each section. The funding ratio is a key indicator of the section’s financial position. It indicates to what extent the section’s pension assets are adequate for paying the pensions to be paid now and in the future. At a funding ratio of 100%, the pension fund is precisely able to fulfil all of its pension payment obligations. In order to cover for any disappointing investment results, pension funds aim to hold a healthy reserve, i.e. a funding ratio above 100%. The sections of the DEPF are administratively ring-fenced. This means the financial systems are separated and the funding ratio may be different for each section. Please find the current funding ratio in the relevant section pages.

Return on investment

The annual return rate on the invested assets is a key indicator for DEPF’s performance. In the table beneath you can find a historic overview of the realised gross return rates.

Period Return (YTD)
2015 – 3,9%
2016 + 6,0%
2017 + 10,0%
2018 – 6,3%
2019 + 20,1%
2020 Q1 (unaudited) – 12,1%
Last updated June 5th, 2020