How is pension accrued in the Netherlands?

Pension is the income you will receive if you stop working upon reaching retirement age. The Dutch pension system is based on three pillars.

  • The first pillar is the AOW state pension. This is the pension provided by the government pursuant to the General Old Age Pension Act for everyone residing and/or working in the Netherlands.
  • Additionally, you will receive a pension from DuPont and any pension you may have accrued with other employers. These pensions are the second pillar.
  • The third pillar is your personal arrangements for your pension, if any, such as an annuity or bank savings.

As long as you accrue pension, you will receive an annual pension statement from DEPF. Upon leaving the company, a pension statement is issued to you once every five years. Alternatively, visit the website hosted by the National Pension Register. This provides an overview of the pension you accrued with all your employers in the Netherlands, plus your AOW state pension. The information in the Pension Register is updated on a quarterly basis and is therefore not always up to date. We recommend that you note the last update date of the data you are viewing.