DuPont Belgium

You participate in DuPont Belgium’s closed Defined Benefit Plan if you joined either DuPont de Nemours (Belgium) bvba or DuPont Coordination Center cva before 1 October 2006.

This page sets out the key elements of your pension scheme. You will also find details of where to ask questions about your pension scheme and how to submit changes to your personal information and situation to DEPF. Finally, we present the Pension Committee of the section DuPont Belgium to you. The Pension Committee supervises the administration of the pension scheme and maintains contact with the Board of Directors of DEPF.

Did you join DuPont de Nemours (Belgium) bvba or DuPont Coordination Center cva on or after 1 October 2006? Then you do not accrue any pension with DEPF. Instead, you participate in the defined contribution scheme administered by AG Insurance.

Pension accrual in Belgium

Pension is the income you will receive if you stop working upon reaching retirement age. The pension system in Belgium consists of three pillars. More information

Explanation of the pension scheme

The agreements on your pension are set out in pension rules. We created a summary for you with the highlights of the pension rules. More information

Employee representation

The contact between the pension fund and the participants of the section DuPont Belgium is routed via the DuPont Belgium Pension Committee. The pension committee consists of four members, equally distributed between representatives of the employer and the employees. More information

Funding ratio

The Board of Directors bases its decisions on issues such as the amount of the pension contribution on the funding ratio. The funding ratio is a key indicator of the financial position of each section. More information

Terminating employment

There are consequences for your pension if your employment with DuPont Belgium is terminated. You can make a number of choices in your pension scheme. We present an overview of the possibilities. More information