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The DEPF performed well in 2017

Financially, the DuPont European Pension Fund (DEPF) is in good shape. This appears from the annual report for 2017. The available capital stood at € 297.4 million at the end of 2017. The funding ratios of the three sections (amply) met the requirements set. The investment portfolio generated a handsome gross return of 10%. [...]

2018-06-22T10:08:38+02:00DuPont BE, DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

Better protection of personal data through the AVG

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European law that protects the privacy of individuals when personal data are being processed. In the Netherlands, the GDPR is referred to as the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegegevensbescherming). We previously published a short article about the GDPR on the website. In this article we will examine [...]

2018-06-22T10:23:21+02:00DuPont BE, DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

People with arduous occupations to be allowed to retire earlier in Belgium

Following multiple debates throughout the country and drawn-out negotiations between the government and the trade unions, agreement has been reached in Belgium on a list of arduous occupations. Anyone who works in an occupation included on this list will soon be able to take retirement two to six years early, though never before the [...]

2018-06-22T10:24:48+02:00DuPont BE|

Good communication about your pension

Your pension is your future income for hopefully a long period of your life. Therefore, it is important to know how the DEPF takes care of your pension. The participants of the section DuPont Belgium are already familiar with the DEPF. Accruing pension in Belgium is still a relatively new phenomenon for the participants of [...]

2018-02-15T09:38:33+01:00DuPont BE, DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

Implementation split DowDuPont will take time

On 1 September, Dow and DuPont officially merged under the name DowDuPont, with three divisions - Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products. The intention is that the combined company will soon be split into three new listed companies. For most employees it will be "business as usual" until the time of the split in the [...]

2017-12-20T15:50:50+01:00DuPont BE, DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

Dutch government increases pensionable able to 68

The Dutch government has decided to increase the pensionable age from 67 to 68 as of 1 January 2018. The pensionable age is the standard retirement age in the pension scheme. Dutch employers will have to consult with unions and/or works councils involved how they will respond to this legal change. You will probably remember [...]

2017-12-20T15:48:23+01:00DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

A lot of work done for the transition of Dutch pensions

As of 1 January 2017, the pensions of the Dutch participants of DuPont and Genencor have been officially transferred from Pensioenfonds Chemours Nederland to the DuPont European Pension Fund (DEPF). Since then, a lot of work has been done in various areas. In this article, you will read what has happened over the past months [...]

2017-12-20T15:46:50+01:00DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

“DuPont has always been a good employer”

Hilda De Bie took early retirement: “Pension was never on my mind in the past. DuPont has always been a good employer with excellent arrangements for salary and pension. I have never worried about that.” Hilda De Bie recently took early retirement after a 38-year career with DuPont Belgium. She appreciates the new phase of [...]

2017-11-03T10:23:32+01:00DuPont BE|

“The board will certainly listen to you if the quality of your advice is good”

Harm Messchendorp of the Genencor NL pension committee: “Looking back, the transfer to the DuPont European Pension Fund (DEPF) went quite smoothly. The reason was the thorough preparation and step-by-step implementation. The employer and the works council may be convinced that transferring the pension to Belgium is a sensible step. But the question is: how [...]

2017-11-03T10:22:17+01:00DuPont NL, Genencor NL|

Online access to your pension file

Online access to your pension file via mypension.be Mypension.be was l launched in 2010. In the past years, we worked hard to give access to all existing pension files. With success. As from today, all Belgian employees, self-employed and civil servants - both active members and pensioners - have access to their pension file. The link [...]

2017-05-29T11:48:54+02:00DuPont BE|