Welcome to the website of DuPont European Pension Fund (DEPF). DEPF is currently administering three pension schemes for several DuPont companies in both Belgium and the Netherlands. These pension schemes are administered in three independent sections within the fund. One for the closed defined benefit scheme of DuPont Belgium, one for the closed career average scheme of DuPont Netherlands and one for the closed career average scheme of Genencor Netherlands.

This homepage provides general information on DEPF. Specific information on your pension scheme is available on the page of your own section. It is easy to find the right page by clicking on the relevant section button below.


What is the current financial position of the DEPF? Several participants will wonder about this. For the answer, we have to look at the funding ratio. [..]

One of the main developments in 2018 was the downturn on the international financial markets, especially in the fourth quarter […]

RiskCo, the administrator of the DEPF sections  DuPont Netherlands and Genencor Netherlands, has moved from Eindhoven to Utrecht. This means that the participants have to ring a new telephone number if they wish to pose questions about their pension by phone. […]

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