Welcome to the website of DuPont European Pension Fund (DEPF). DEPF is currently administering three pension schemes for several DuPont companies in both Belgium and the Netherlands. These pension schemes are administered in three independent sections within the fund. One for the closed defined benefit scheme of DuPont Belgium, one for the closed career average scheme of DuPont Netherlands and one for the closed career average scheme of Genencor Netherlands.

This homepage provides general information on DEPF. Specific information on your pension scheme is available on the page of your own section. It is easy to find the right page by clicking on the relevant section button below.

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After the difficult investment year 2018, the investment returns in 2019 have so far been very good. That has a positive effect on the funding ratios of the DEPF. However, for the Dutch sections this positive effect is annulled by the very low interest rate. [..]

The DEPF is working hard behind the scenes to comply with the European directive IORP II. In this article we explain what the directive entails and what the practical impact will be for you as a participant of the DEPF. […]

The DEPF has invested assets of close to € 350 million. This money must be invested for the participants in such a way that the pensions can be paid now and in the future and that the purchasing power of these pensions is maintained as much as possible […]

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